Game Copy Wizard – Get It For Half Off Through This Site

Before Game Copy Wizard came on to the market I  had a huge problem with my games getting scratched so much that they would’nt play. I was a really frustrated gamer. Having been an active gamer for the last number of years, I have accumulated a large number of games. I honestly haven’t a clue how many…its that large! One of the major problems that us gamers face is having our disks so scratched that they just won’t play.

Games aren’t getting any cheaper, and I certainly can’t afford to be spending my wages on buying new copies. Most games are encrypted to stop them from being copied. I was fed up and really needed a solution. I purchased game copy wizard and I am so glad I did.

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Using game copy wizard I am now able to copy all my xbox 360 games, and also the extensive range of wii games I own. If your like me and you have tried copying your console games, your aware of how difficult it can be. Well it certainly doesn’t have to be that way at all. Game Copy Wizard is able to bypass the encryption found in most games and dvds, and allows you to burn them using standard cd and dvd disks. Aside from being excellent at burning games, Game Copy Wizard is also the best dvd burning software on the market.

I know a lot of others like me who are frustrated with their disks getting scratched. I know first hand that there is nothing more annoying than placing in your disk only to get a disk error message. When I showed this software to some friends they were amazed at the power of it. They can now make backups of thier video games like me. You literally insert the disk you want to copy and within a few clicks you have a backup. Some of my games I backed up and then decided to sell off the originals. This was the easiest few hundred dollars I ever made for doing literally nothing.

Here is an idea you can use. With games so expensive these days and so many great games being released onto the market its important to stay one step ahead. You can buy a newly released game, use game copy wizard to copy it and then sell the game on ebay. Just say it was an unwanted present. So potentially you can get a $50 game and 99% of the time trade it on ebay for the same price you bought it for.

I highly recommend this software to anyone looking to backup their games without having to go through the worry of scratched disks. Also you hardly want to have to return back to the video store to get the same game you purchased.

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